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This store offers products featuring animal hybrids by gyyporama. If you have any questions about the products or sales process, feel free to send a message.

Free worldwide shipping

For all orders above $30


Fabrics free of microplastics

Safe payment

Transactions handled by Shopify


T-shirt colors

The t-shirts are available in the colors lilac, silver, white, soft cream, mustard and mauve.

Inside labels

The only other print than the front, is the inside label. 

Tote bags

Tote bag front

These large tote bags come with full-color designs.

Tote bag back

The backside of the tote bags contain a simple logo


Print format

The prints are delivered without frames, so that you can decide for yourself. In this photo, three 18x18 in. prints are framed.

Paper quality

The prints are done on matte, high-quality paper, and delivered as rolled-up posters.

Order information

How it works
All products are created on-demand when an order is placed. They are typically fulfilled and shipped within 2-7 days.

You can pay with card, PayPal or Apple Pay. Transactions are handled by Shopify.

You get free shipping on all orders above $30. For other orders, the shipping cost is only $5, no matter where you order from. Products ship worldwide.

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